Go No Further If You Are Close Minded, Unwilling To Imagine New Possibilities or Believe Science Has No Place In Sports

Dear Sports Person, Coach, Referee, willing to search the internet for a competitive advantage,

Subject: Breakthrough Mental Workout Technology

My name is Rob Gronbeck from Masterful Performances, Sports Performance Improvement Technology, based in Cairns, Australia.

Just for a moment... imagine having eyes which pick up the smallest movements in your opponents... you quickly and easily anticipate their moves before they know what they are going to do... you’re one step ahead the whole time... they literally think you are reading their mind..... Imagine no more... because this dream can now become a reality for every sports person. If you have always dreamed of developing “hawk-like” sensory abilities... then this may be the most important messages you will ever read.

"I'm enjoying my footy much more and performing at a higher level. My peripheral vision and anticipation of where my team mates and opposition (are) has improved - I can read the play with ease... driving is a breeze now... I don't get distracted by unimportant objects - I can switch off the visual noise."
- Anthony, AFL

I am writing this message to you to help you get more out of your players and coaches as I am extremely excited and proud to be bringing a unique sport neuroscience training technology to Australia which has consistently demonstrates enhanced elite athlete reaction time and multiple object tracking by an average of 53% - in as little as an hour of training time... It does sound too good to be true, I admit, but sports neuroscience has come a long, long...... long way.

Note, I have a Psychology (Hons) degree and in recent times was a “performance psycholgoy coach” providing like most a ‘hit and miss’ results for my clients... until I discovered this technology which, unlike the traditional sport psychology counselling method provides reliable, consistent, predictable gains in perceptual speed, multiple object tracking speed thresholds and open up a player’s field of vision... with average gains of 53% coming after 15 x 6 minute sessions.

"My peripheral vision has definitely improved.. I can now see my team mate as he approaches the net to spike.. and I now adjust my sets if his call isn't the best set for where he is or his approach. Really impressed.. as an exercise physiologist and sport science practitioner my inner-skeptic has being quitened. After only 5 sessions, I'm excited to see how far I can push this."
- Scott, Beach Volleyball

"In a matter of months I could show them (NHL Vancouver Canuck's coaching staff) the data that the people who trained the most (with the NeuroTracker) were the best decision makers... you can't provide better evidence than that."
- Dr Leonard Zaichkowsky, Former Director of Sport Science for the NHL Vancouver Canucks, Canadian Olympic Sport Psychologist

This is breakthrough 3D perceptual training technology, I know from the manufacturers that no one in Australia is currently using it (except me), and the first club to use it will have a CLEAR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE before word gets out... just like when weight training, pre-conditioning, supplements, and altitude training began being used and now everyone is doing it.. soon it will be the case for this technology... so why not be at the forefront instead of catching up in years to come?
Validation from Elite Sporting Clubs

For example, this cognitive-perceptual training technology has been used by the French Rugby Union team in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup in 2011, and we know how agonizingly close they came to pipping the Kiwis in that game... they really came out of nowhere to make that final! The New England Patriots, British, Canadian, Indian Olympic and world champion gold medallists, the NFL, NHL, in fact the great Manchester United Football Club was one of the first early adopters of this technology (as was Everton FC), and other elite level performance training centres around the world are using this technology... except here in Our Sporting Nation... UNTIL NOW!!!

Training Advantages

This is not hypnosis, counselling or anything like that you have seen before in sport psychology. It is an interactive, 3D, sport neuroscience technique based on the work of Dr Jocelyn Faubert, a Psychophysicist from the School of Optometry at the University of Montreal and the evidence-base and his peer reviewed research is to be seen to be believed... this is truly sport science at its finest!! Here is a link to a 3 minute presentation produced by the UoM

Athlete brain training Enhance sports performance with virtual reality program

But... for the fastest route to understanding what this technology can do watch the video below...

Neurotracker -- Breakthrough Sports Performance Improvement Technology

Best regards and hope to hear from you soon. I’m here to help.


Robert Gronbeck, B.Psych(Hons), ASSOC MAPS

m: 0405 245 608
Skype: robert.gronbeck

“It’s better to aim for the stars and hit the moon.. than to aim for the gutter and hit.”  – Anon

P.S. If by now you do not believe this is possible or are unconvinced then that is not my problem. Gravity does not have to be 'believed in' to cause objects to move in predictable ways. In the same manner, neither does disbelief somehow reduce the effectiveness of the NeuroTracker 3D perception enhancement training program.

P.P.S. Either start now and be ahead of the pack... or be left behind in regret wishing you had just listened to me.