What Separates The Best Elite Sports People From The Rest?

* Heightened Reaction Time To Peripheral Stimulus
* Faster Player and Ball Tracking Abilities
* Enhanced Abilities to Sustain Focused Attention
* Regroup Mentally After Failures, Mistakes and Set Backs
* Greater Awareness, Orientation & Positioning

Masterful Performances uses a unique NeuroSports Performance Improvement Technology called the NeuroTracker which trains ALL OF THE ABOVE.

This patented 3D Multiple Object Tracking program is used by NFL, NHL, EPL, FFR & Olympic Athletes. Masterful Performances is the ONLY Training Centre in Australia using this breakthrough technology.
NeuroTracker training has several performance benefits that enhance an athlete’s tracking skill, enabling them to be more aware of game flow and process game information more rapidly:-
Efficient Search strategy – an athlete trains to spread their attention throughout a wide visual field, using peripheral vision cues to track targets simultaneously rather than moving the eyes from object to object.
Raise Tracking Skill – through the effects of neuroplasticity, an athlete can raise their tracking skill above their previous threshold – enhancing continual awareness of several moving objects.
True 3D – NeuroTracker’s training environment activates the same mental processes as in-game target tracking.
Cognitive Processing gains – the improved efficiency of perceptual-cognitive processing an athlete gains from training frees previously tied-up mental resources for use in other tasks e.g. assessing tactical options and identifying collision threats. In effect being able to handle more cognitive tasks.

Through NeuroTracker training an athlete will gain the perceptual-cognitive skills necessary to improve situational awareness in dynamic game situations and maintain it during high pressure play.